EP 093: Mastering Your Story and Sharing It Confidently with Celinne Da Costa

marketing Sep 16, 2019

Everyone has a story to tell. 


Yes, even you, the one who thinks their path doesn’t have any exciting tidbits worth sharing. 


Or the one who thinks that their bumps in the road are just like everyone else's, and you don’t have a remarkable triumph to share...yet! 


Or maybe you fall into the other camp. You’ve got no shortage of a backstory, but you have no clue about how to begin sharing it. 


You question whether it fits with your brand or relates to your business. Or maybe you’re scared to share it because let’s be honest, some stories also hold pain, and sharing them can feel scary. 


As a naturally private person, sharing pieces of me publicly (both the bright and shadow-y pieces) is something I’ve had to work on and through, but from it, I’ve discovered that opening up to share my stories has not only been empowering, but incredibly connective with those I hope to help and make an impact with (that’s you!). 


And here to help us open up, dive deeper and discover our stories in this episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy is Celinne Da Costa, who among being a coach, writer, and speaker, is also a globetrotting storyteller who helps her clients master their story to build a premium brand. 


In this episode, she’s sharing her insights on how to begin sharing your story with confidence and conviction so you can connect with more of your dream clients. 


It doesn't matter what your past holds; you have a story to tell, so let's learn how to share it with those you aim to serve. 


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Celinne’s biggest piece of advice for where to start when discovering your story and the questions to ask yourself to uncover the elements that emotionally connect 
  • Why your story is one of the best tools you have to leverage in your business 
  • How to begin working through your history to find the compelling pieces of your story 
  • Celinne’s tips on how to weave storytelling throughout your content marketing strategy and finding the various opportunities for storytelling inside your business


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