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EP 095: A Complete Walkthrough of My Consultation Product Presentation

mindset products Sep 30, 2019

Recently, a beautiful Spa Marketing Made Easy listener asked a question inside the Facebook group, and rather than type out a long response or go live in the group (something I do often, which is why you should join if you’re not in there already!), I thought I’d go ahead and record my answer as an episode! 


In her post, she asked if I could go through my complete product, treatment, and maintenance recommendations just like I would in a consult and break down each step.


Well, ask, and you shall receive! 


In this episode, I’m doing my step-by-step product presentation walkthrough just like I would during a consultation and providing some of my top product recommendations to boot. 


Even if you don’t do client consults prior to booking treatments, this episode will still give you valuable insights into how to structure your product pitch so that you’re emphasizing the importance of a proper at-home skin care regimen, which helps your clients to experience better results and for you to increase your revenue. 


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why I start with retail in my consultations and how that sets the stage for my client’s experience 
  • How I approach selecting products to recommend and the order in which I present them 
  • How I use SkinMedica’s GRASS regimen theory to inform my product selections 
  • The elements I use throughout my consultation presentation to educate my client and some of my top product recommendations  


References Mentioned in Episode #095: A Complete Walkthrough of My Consultation Product Presentation 


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