EP 102: Prioritizing Profit in Your Spa with Amber Dugger

marketing Nov 18, 2019

Whether your business is stuck in a vicious paycheck to paycheck cycle, or you can’t seem to climb out of credit card debt, or the thought of digging deep into your business financials scares the pants off of you, this is an episode you literally can’t afford to miss. 


And if you’re thinking to yourself, “Paycheck to paycheck? I’m happy if I even get paid at all!”


Then you definitely need to tune in because if you aren’t paying yourself, we need to get you there NOW. 


But regardless of the size or scale of your aesthetic practice, here’s the reality: you have to prioritize your business’ profit if you want to hit your financial goals and hit them in a timely manner, and in a way that’s not riddled with stress, but instead, strength. 


Believe it or not, finances can be incredibly exciting and empowering, and as my guest today shares, when her clients and students understand the cash flow of their business, they accomplish huge goals in timeframes you may have only thought were a pipe dream. 


In this episode, I’m so excited for you to hear from my guest Amber Dugger, who is a cash flow expert for entrepreneurs and founder of the program “Profit For Keeps,” where she is on a mission to help business owners go from just making money – to actually keeping it so you can spend it on the things that make your life awesome. 


As someone who has spent a considerable amount of time educating myself on business finances over the last few years, I can tell you that hearing what Amber has to share can be business- and life-changing for you if you open yourself up to move past your money blocks. 


Remember, knowledge is power. 


And when it comes to finances, your power lies in your profits. 


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to navigate through the emotion of money and reframe your mindset so that money doesn’t feel scary to begin digging into or learning about
  • Why it is vital to your business’ success to understand your cash flow and the primary financial framework that makes money management easy to understand and, yes, exciting 
  • How Amber classfies debt into two categories, how they differ, and when it’s okay to take out a loan or line of credit to help your business scale 
  • Where to begin with prioritizing profit first in your business and why this system works to help you achieve your business and life goals 



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