EP 141: Defying Doubt to Chase Your Dreams with Lauren Hum, CEO of Orchid Skin Company

leadership Jun 29, 2020


Ever met someone and intuitively knew they had something special, but then you hear their story and they not only confirm that belief, but simply blow you away? 


That’s what happened when I met my Growth Factor Framework student and guest on this episode, Lauren Hum. 


Lauren is the founder and CEO of Orchid Skin Company, her brick and mortar spa and online business that she has built to be one of the most successful spas in her state and region. 


What started as a quarter-life crisis that pushed Lauren to follow a childhood dream and enroll in beauty school at the age of 27, while 4 months pregnant with her first child, and to the skepticism of some family members, her life experiences during this time and the support she received from classmates and school staff created a deep gratitude for the people in the beauty industry. 


After graduating, Lauren opted for the entrepreneurial path and started her business from her sofa with a laptop in one arm and a newborn in the other. 


In less than 3 years, she has built a loyal, high-value customer base by carving out a niche as one of the first microbladers in her state and creating a powerful online presence that led to the multi-six figure business, Orchid Skin Company, she has today. 


Living in Conway, Arkansas with her husband, Patrick, 3-year-old son, Luke, plus her beloved goldendoodle, Willow, and rescue mutt, Chaco, Lauren’s next leg of her entrepreneurial journey is to help other beauty industry professionals find financial stability while doing the work they love and inspiring them to create the life they truly want.  


In this episode, we discuss:


  • How Lauren’s dream to go to beauty school was met with skepticism and it led to following a different path than the one on her heart
  • How she made the decision to defy the doubt and go after her dream of working in the beauty and aesthetic industry
  • The personal tragedy she faced while going to aesthetic school and how she overcame adversity to finish strong
  • Why she chose the entrepreneurial path and the intentional steps she took to quickly grow her  spa to a multiple six-figure business in a small town and her desire to help other aestheticians do the same



References Mentioned in Episode #141: Defying Doubt to Chase Your Dreams with Lauren Hum, CEO of Orchid Skin Company 



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