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EP 173: Creating an Exclusive Experience and Building Relationships for Raving Fans with Sykes & Lanno

marketing Nov 16, 2020

We’re officially in the holiday season and Black Friday is directly within our line of sight. 


This time of year holds tremendous opportunity in bringing in ramped up revenue to cap off the year, but it’s also critical to think of Black Friday and how it fits into the bigger picture of your overall business growth strategy. 


In this episode, I’m back on the mic with my Growth Factor students Sara and Melissa of Sykes & Lanno to discuss their strategy behind hosting exclusive events and experiences to bring in ideal clientele and begin building a relationship that will last far beyond their promotion and turn them into raving fans. 


If you find yourself running promotion after promotion hopping to make something stick or feeling like you’re always in a clamor to find new clients, our conversation is a must-listen because as you’ll learn from their approach, crafting an offer isn’t about a quick cash infusion, it’s about long-term client retention. 


We also discuss an update from their last episode where we talked about the launch of their signature Beauty Collection as a new arm and stream of revenue for their business, so if you haven’t tuned into our year-long series yet, now is as good of a time to dive in as any! 


Cheers to the holiday season, now let’s finish this year out with a bang!


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In this episode, we discuss:


  • Sara and Melissa’s event marketing strategy and how it snowballs into their game plan for Black Friday weekend 
  • The top intention they always have in mind when crafting offers and their marketing strategy around them 
  • How Sara and Melissa continually invest into their skillset and how they make decisions on what skills they’ll develop to benefit their long-term business growth plan 
  • Updated on their Beauty Collection launch that we discussed in their previous episodes and their next steps moving forward


References Mentioned in Episode #173: Creating an Exclusive Experience and Building Relationships for Raving Fans with Sykes & Lanno



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