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EP 217: Creating With Intention and From Experience with Gaelle Kennedy

mindset Mar 29, 2021

With the ecommerce world booming, launching a product line has been an increasingly exciting route to explore for aesthetic professionals looking for new ways to expand their expertise beyond brick and mortar. 


However, whether it’s crafting a product from scratch or going by way of private label, building a successful product brand, as you’ll hear in this interview, is a feat of intention built on a foundation of experience. 


In this episode of the Spa Marketing Made Easy podcast, I had the opportunity to sit down with Gaelle Kennedy, who launched her career as an international model through her twenties before working for the renowned Aida Grey in Beverly Hills, when she then became an aesthetician and makeup artist. 


In her early 60s, she launched Gaelle Organic, an Ecocert certified organic skincare company that she continues to lead and innovate within today. 


Together we talk purpose, creating with intention, skincare philosophies, and building a brand that stands for something deeper.  


In this episode, we discuss: 


  • Gaelle’s personal skincare journey that led her to becoming a licensed aesthetician and her beginnings in the industry
  • What prompted her to start her own skincare products and how it developed into a bigger brand than she initially envisioned
  • Why Gaelle’s approach to skincare and her philosophy is rooted in organic ingredients
  • The key role of intention, patience, and experience and how they all work in concert to bring a purposeful brand to life 


References Mentioned in Episode #217: Creating With Intention and From Experience with Gaelle Kennedy



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