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EP 221: Achieving Work/Life Harmony with Megan Sumrell

mindset Apr 12, 2021

No matter the size of your business or personal circumstances, there’s one thing every entrepreneur grapples with at some point in their journey (and hopefully not through all of it)...time management. 


If you find yourself regularly griping about there not being enough hours in the day or feeling constantly strapped and under pressure to perform and create results in warp speed leaving you feeling frazzled and fatigued, this episode is for you. 


In this episode, I’m joined by the incredible Megan Sumrell, a time management and productivity coach who teaches women in search of Work/Life Harmony specific strategies to get on top of their time, calendar and goals while getting rid of stress, overwhelm, and exhaustion. 


Her proprietary planning approach is the only "feminine" planning system that works from the "bottom up” and acknowledges that women have a lot on their plates and gives pragmatic, real-world strategies to help women manage #allthethings.  


In this episode, we discuss: 


  • Why Megan has a bottom-up approach to time management and productivity and why the way we have always been taught doesn’t work for everyone 
  • The keys of getting into a deep work and “flow state” to accomplish more in a set block of time and how to approach our calendars from a place of abundance 
  • Megan’s top tools, exercises, and tips for finding what works best for your specific blend of work/life harmony and why it’s not one-size-fits-all plus her C.O.P.E. method approach to getting your task list under control once and for all


References Mentioned in Episode #222: Achieving Work/Life Harmony with Megan Sumrell



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