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EP 222: #Spasocialbeat - 4 Types of Video Social Content to Share

#spasocialbeat Apr 16, 2021

From our best tips and tricks to simplify your social media strategy to our top recommended tools, our #SpaSocialBeat episodes are bite-sized and pack a punch of practical advice so you can stop stressing over social media for your spa. 


In this week’s #SpaSocialBeat, we’re discussing:


  • 4 different ideas and “content buckets” you can easily craft video content for
  • Why these topics work well as a foundation for your social media video strategy and will always provide you with fresh content 
  • Our top tips for efficiently producing and creating these videos 


Tune in every Friday for a new #SpaSocialBeat episode with Daniela and Danielle, and be sure to connect with us inside the Spa Marketing Made Easy community to share your biggest takeaways and how you’re putting these tips into play! 

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