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EP 242: Developing Into the Best Leader for Your Business and Your Team with Desarae Marhofer

business leadership Aug 09, 2021

Team-building and development is by far one the most challenging hurdles a spa owner has to face as they grow. 


Whether you started as a solo practitioner, as many spa owners do, or you began with a team, refining your leadership skills is an ongoing journey. 


However, as my guest describes in this episode, there is typically that one pivotal point that shifts your whole trajectory. 

Here to join me on this episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy is Desarae Marhofer, a passionate aesthetician entrepreneur with 15+ years of specialized skincare experience, which includes owning and operating a full service esthetics studio as well as an aesthetician school. 


Together we talk about her journey from solo to team leader to studio + school owner and what lessons she’s learned along the way in becoming the best leader you can be for your business and your team. 


In this episode, we discuss: 


  • When Desarae jumped from being a solo to having her first team member and how that was the turning point for momentous growth in her skincare studio
  • How holding back on hiring team members created missed opportunities and how she navigated retention troubles as her business and team expanded 
  • The critical mindset shifts Desarae needed to make as the leader of her business to help shift the culture of her team and get them onboard with her bigger vision
  • Her tops tips for developing those leadership skills internally and externally

References Mentioned in Episode #242: Developing Into the Best Leader for Your Business and Your Team with Desarae Marhofer 



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