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EP 254: Discovering Your Worth and Igniting Your Richness Revolution with Selina Gray

inspiration mindset Nov 15, 2021

How do you define being and feeling rich? 


Maybe it’s a little bit about money, and my hunch says it also involves a heavy dose of desire for freedom. 


As my guest on this episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy, Selina Gray, explains - richness isn’t a number in the bank, it’s a state of being. 


After working 100+hour work weeks across 12 countries, leading a global team of 30 for almost a decade as CPA, Selina found herself in the hospital for an extended period of time and facing an auto-immune diagnosis, which was her wake-up call to embody new forms of richness. 


Now as the Founder & CEO of Richness Revolution, Selina has dedicated her life to empowering CEOs to lead themselves with unwavering energetic intelligence, emotional richness and financial power to break through ceilings in their business and earnings, as well as create massive ripple effects in their lives and communities.


If you’ve found yourself frazzled, or even burnt out in the quest to hit a certain monetary benchmark, it’s time to reassess and reevaluate your relationship with “richness,” and I can’t wait for you to tap into the wisdom Selina has to share in this episode. 


In this episode, we discuss: 


  •  Selina’s story of climbing the corporate ladder in the world of finance on the quest for wealth and how that journey ended and prompted the Richness Revolution Selina now helps other business owners have today
  • Defining conscious wealth and how to identify and separate worthiness so they can create new connections and a healthier relationship with money 
  • Why money and richness can be a highly emotional trigger and how Selina navigates releasing the labels and expectations we may have ingrained since childhood
  • Questions to ask yourself and actions to take to identify and reframe your stories, blocks and beliefs

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