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EP 270: Differentiating with Direct Mail with Dave Fink

business marketing Mar 07, 2022

Did you think direct mail marketing was dead?


Anything but, my friend! 


Although the massive social media platforms we all know and love have dominated the marketing landscape for the better part of the last decade and brought amazing ROI, the reality is that in our current world, these digital platforms are NOISY! 


So, how do you differentiate and diversify when it comes to reaching your audience and spending your marketing budget? 


Dave Fink, the CEO and founder of Postie and my guest on this episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy, is here to answer that question and share how he is reinventing direct mail marketing for a digital world. 


Dave thinks the best-kept secret in marketing is hiding where you least expect it — your mailbox. And with a 20+ year career where he’s generated hundreds of millions of dollars in ad revenue and powered viral sensations like Dollar Shave Club and a number of successful celebrity brands, it’s fair to say that he knows the key to doing things differently. 


In this episode, we’re diving into how today’s direct mail isn’t an old school cash trap, but can be the strategy that leverages your marketing budget in the long-term. 


In this episode, we discuss: 


  •  The benefits of using direct mail within your spa’s overall marketing strategy and how it differs from the direct mail from the last decade(s) prior
  • Why direct mail naturally provides for a longer marketing window and why it’s particularly beneficial for brick-and-mortar based businesses
  • The key things brands that are excelling with direct mail marketing strategies are doing to make their marketing pieces stand out
  • Weighing the benefits and drawbacks of social vs. direct mail and how to get started with implementing a direct mail marketing strategy into your business

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