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EP 271: Breaking Your Blocks and Leveling Up Your Money Mindset with Emily Williams

business mindset Mar 14, 2022

Raise your hand if you ever heard “money is the root of all evil” while growing up. 


Or how about “money doesn’t grow on trees”? 


My guess is every listener's hand is raised and you might even be thinking, “those are things I say now.” 



Listen, no shame or blame here, this conversation is all about unlearning and rewiring what we think about money that doesn’t serve us now or in the future we’re trying to create. 


Because here’s the thing, money isn’t evil. Money is energy. 


It can be a powerful tool that lends itself to accomplishing fantastic works of good for our families, communities, and the world at large. 


But as my guest on this week’s episode, Emily Williams, shares, if we don’t break down our money blocks, we’re never going to be able to level up our abundance to that place of utilizing money as a true force for good on a grander scale. 

If you’re not familiar with Emily’s work, she is a money mindset expert, success coach, author, speaker, and CEO of I Heart My Life where she helps executives and entrepreneurs break through their limiting beliefs and rewrite their money stories, so that they can increase both their income and their impact, and feel more fulfilled and satisfied than they ever have before.


While I know money can be an uncomfortable topic to talk about or even listen to, especially when it comes to our beliefs around money and not simply looking at the black-and-white numbers of our money situation, this is work that’s worth doing no matter what stage of life or business you’re in. 


Lean in, and let’s explore what it means to truly level-up. 


In this episode, we discuss: 


  •  Examining your deeply rooted money beliefs and digging into finding where they lie so you can begin to uproot them
  • How your money mindset can hold you back from your goals or help you accelerate toward them and why it’s critical to understand how the concept of “worthiness” ties into our money mindset 
  • Ways in which you can begin to “flip the switch” on your money mindset to become less scarcity-minded and lean into abundance 
  • Why knowing and asking for what you want are critical steps in busting through money blocks to build the life and business you love 

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Episode Transcript

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