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EP 294: The Power in the Pause

business mindset Aug 29, 2022

Ever feel like you’re working so hard to make your business grow that you hardly have a moment to relish in what you’ve built? 


How about feeling like despite your best efforts, you feel stagnant in your spa’s growth and you’re barreling toward burnout?


Newsflash for you: growth doesn’t always come from going, going, going toward your goals like the Energizer Bunny. 


In fact, that can hinder, rather than help your growth, especially in the long run. And if we’re building businesses that we hope to make strong not just in the next year, but in the decades to come, we have to look at the ebbs and flows of growth holistically. 


Sometimes, it’s the ebbs, the slowdown,The Pause, that holds the greatest power in harnessing your energy and resources helping you to grow in new ways. 


In this episode, you’ll hear: 


  •  How to identify the time to grow and the time to pause in business
  • Why pausing is a form of personal self-care and how it can serve as a time to shift into the next stage of growth for your business
  • Examples of what taking a pause can look and feel like
  • A personal story of pausing that you can pull from when you start to doubt if you’re making progress or gaining traction while taking a break

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Episode Transcript

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