"I have worked in the aesthetic industry for nearly 20 years, and I can say without hesitation that Daniela is one of the finest aestheticians and trainers that I have ever experienced.  I personally flew her to my clinic in Kansas City to teach the art of selling retail products.  Her level of knowledge and enthusiasm is unmatched in this area, and you will greatly benefit from her services."

Matt Taranto, Owner, AesthetiCare, Mint Aesthetics


Dr. William Numa



"Daniela is extraordinary. Every now and then you come across someone who is excellent at what they do. It is even more rare to have a leader be able to instill that degree of clinical proficiency, teamwork, engagement, and cohesiveness to an entire team leading by example like Daniela does. Her fund of knowledge, team-oriented approach, gentle tenacity, results-oriented mindset, and market awareness are simultaneously exemplary and contagious. The industry would be fortunate to have more of her mold."

Dr. William Numa, Boston Facial Plastic Surgeon


Sara Lahey




"I've been in the spa industry for 14 years. It's safe to say I've never come across a more driven, professional, and talented Aesthetic Mentor than Daniela Woerner. Daniela's many gifts are so incredibly special. She approaches everything with the intent to succeed... and so she does. She is one in a million."

- Sara Lahey, Vice President of Operations, Bella Sante Spas





"Daniela's industry and product insight have been instrumental in helping the SkinMedica team build stronger ideas"

-Laurent Combredet, General Manager Allergan Medical Dermatology and SkinMedica






"Daniela has a deep knowledge of skincare and retail sales strategies along with a passion to share knowledge within our industry."

- Dr. Brian Stolley, Owner, MediSpa Maui


sarah vincent




"I have had the honor and pleasure to work with Daniela over the last year as a medical aesthetician. Her knowledge and expertise on medical aesthetics is astonishing. My sales have doubled and my dreams and goals are being reached because of her! I highly recommend her services to everyone!"

- Sarah Vincent, Licensed Aesthetician

Ashli Carnicelli




"Daniela's knowledge and expertise is second to none. She is an incredible educator and mentor! Her experience combined with her passion for the field provides in-depth trainings and inspiration from anyone who has the privilege of learning from her! I have personally experienced an increase in my sales as well as my knowledge by taking her approach!"

- Ashli Carnicelli, Licensed Aesthetician




"Daniela is a true professional besides being a kind, genuine, and very caring person. She is extremely intelligent and has a deep knowledge and understanding of the skincare world. As a beauty professional myself, I admire her work ethic and her drive to help others succeed. I'm so glad I had an opportunity to get to know her and I hope you do too!"

- Rimante Laurinaityte, Licensed Aesthetician




"Daniela is a dynamic, master educator whose clinical experience, combined with a love for both science and beauty, make her talent as a medical aesthetician and educator to other aestheticians, unparalleled. She is a natural teacher who utilizes education at the client and aesthetician levels to increase sales and profitability. Through genuine care for those around her Daniela is able to educate and empower clients to achieve maximum skin care and aestheticians to achieve maximum growth and sales."

- Kelley Sanabria, Founder of Femworking




"I was fortunate to meet Daniela at the beginning stages of my esthetics career. Time spent in her trainings is beneficial in many ways. She is a well of information. Her trainings have a great structure, her material is relevant and has the ability to grab the attention. Daniela presents the information in a way that can be understood and absorbed. She simply empowers me as an esthetician to follow my dreams, to improve my life by improving the wellbeing of those who I encounter."

- Laura Kareivaite, Licensed Aesthetician




“Daniela has increased productivity and retail sales in our Medical Esthetic team and Esthetic team. She has done this by working with us individually and collectively to educate us in new treatments, products and how to implement these in our guests daily regimes. She also continues to bring in new ideas to increase treatment and retail sales.”

- Nicole Roketenetz, Licensed Aesthetician




“Daniela is extremely knowledgable and an expert with aesthetic sales and marketing. You will gain incredible insight to learn from her.”

 - Stacy Muse, RN, BSN







"The greatest advice I have gained from AddoAesthetics is that the fortune is in the follow up, it's definitely a great way to gain our patients trust and cultivate a rewarding relationship with them."

- Tiffany Crews, Licensed Aesthetician




"Daniela is a professional, first and foremost. She dedicated to her craft and exudes passion. Daniela is an expert. When you sit down with her you can tell she's dedicated years to education and training to her profession. However, Daniela has a gift that makes her truly unique. She conveys her knowledge in a way anyone can understand and appreciate. She is not just a licensed aesthetician she is an ambassador, educator, and skin specialist.

-Jennifer Jesse, Attorney, Founder of No Blue Creative




"I recently had a conversation with Daniela, in which she gave me an hour of her time, just chatting and giving me encouragement as I explore expanding my aesthetic career as an Aesthetician. It was great to speak with another Aesthetician with very similar views and experience as myself. I love how she is a positive role for all us Aestheticians and how she's growing the connections between us!!"

- Dana Smallwood, Licensed Medical Aesthetician