The Fundamentals of Facebook Ads for Spa Marketing with Tara Zirker


Maybe you’ve tried Facebook ads before, and all you saw were you ad dollars dwindling and no increase in inquiries.

Or maybe you’ve seen the power of Facebook ads with other businesses in the spa industry, but you can never find the time to get around to figuring out how to recreate those results for yourself.

Perhaps you think Facebook ads feel too “sales-y.”

Be prepared to have all your myths and misconceptions busted because on this episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy, I’m joined by Tara Zirker aka my "Facebook ads goddess" who has generated over one million leads for her clients, which includes solo aestheticians, day spas, med spas, and wellness centers, in the last 24 months.

Let that sink in…

One million people have taken action on ads campaigns that Tara and her team have created using the same platform and tools that are accessible to you.

In addition to walking us through some ad best practices along with her tips and tricks for setting up successful ads, Tara will also help you get your head in the game when it comes to this tremendous opportunity we have as spa professionals to connect with our community and ideal clients on Facebook.


In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The key targeting factors that will allow you to zero in and get on your ideal clients’ newsfeed

  • How to structure your ads for success with some key do’s and don’ts

  • The 3 creative elements of your ads that you should test to find your winning ad combination

  • How to navigate the Facebook platform from a mindset perspective and avoid algorithm freakout

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