Grow Your Spa’s Clientele with Gift Card Marketing

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You’re a brand new aesthetician, excited about the possibilities that lie ahead in your career and eager to get started, but then you realize that building a clientele from scratch can be a daunting feat.

Cue the panic…you need clients, and you need them now!

With much of today’s most effective digital marketing tactics involving some available marketing budget to “pay to play,” you might be feeling lost on how to get a leg up on finding and booking new clients.

Thankfully, there’s a strategy that can help you not only secure more bookings with a limited marketing budget, but it will also help you network within your new professional community, and when it comes to business, relationships are everything.

That strategy I’m referring to is spa gift card marketing.

Now I’ll warn you; it’s not the quickest strategy out there, it requires more time and effort than it does marketing dollars, but it is hands-down one of the most effective strategies out there, which I can confidently share from my personal experience.

In this episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy you’ll learn:

  • The entire step-by-step of crafting your spa’s gift card marketing strategy based on my experience of going from brand new to booked out within four months as a new aesthetician

  • How to create strong referral partnerships with other business owners in your community

  • Critical do’s, don’ts, and best practices for ensuring you receive a  high return on investment in your gift card marketing efforts

  • How to tie gift card marketing into a diversified marketing strategy as you continue to grow

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Design your gift card image using Canva


Use a Google Drive spreadsheet to keep track of your gift card marketing efforts

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