Level Up by Niching Down with Gisel of Elevate Esthetics

What if I told you that you could exponentially grow your business if you only marketed yourself as an expert in one core aesthetic service?

That’s right, one.

Would you think I’m crazy or that your pool of potential clients would shrivel into a dry, desolate wasteland?

As an aesthetician, I know you may be afraid to stake a claim and specialize out of fear of not bringing in enough clients, but as my guest on this episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy can testify, niching down is what it took for her to level up in a major way.

See, when you talk to everyone, you’re really talking to no one, so by niching down and getting narrow and specific on your core specialty, you position your brand in a way that causes your ideal clients to flock to you because they see you as the go-to expert.

And to be an expert means knowing a lot about one thing rather than knowing a little about a lot of things.

In this episode, I’m chatting with Gisel Campbell, the owner of Elevate Esthetics, who since niching down on her aesthetic specialty and positioning herself as an expert on waxing has been able to build a base of loyal clientele, grow her business by over 120% and spurred the need to expand beyond her solo operation and into a spa.

She’s living proof that narrowing in is the key to expanding your growth and opportunities, and I can’t wait for you to be inspired by her story and her energy.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Gisel made the transition to a menu of services a mile long to focusing on one core aesthetic service

  • Why she chose her specific specialty and how that has opened doors for her beyond those of her aesthetic practice

  • The steps Gisel took to determine the smartest direction for her niche and how becoming an expert in that core area helped her exponentially grow her business

  • How you can begin to elevate your aesthetic expertise and get into a mindset that will you set the stage for your success

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