Creating and Running a Spa Incentive Program

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You’ve likely worked at a spa that had an incentive program before, or maybe you’ve tried it in your own spa, but it didn’t seem to stick.

No matter your personal experience, you’ve probably seen or heard both sides of the story on incentive programs (“they’re great!” vs. “they’re a nightmare!”), but today I’m setting the record straight on how to create an incentive program that actually moves the needle on your revenue and toward your sales goals for your spa.

But more importantly, it’s not just the incentive program itself that moves the needle, it’s your team, and whether your spa has a team of two or twenty, an incentive program crafted and run the right way is one of the best methods for motivating your team to meet and exceed your spa’s sales goals.

But where to begin?!

That’s what I’m covering in this episode where I’m breaking down the four-step process of creating and running a spa incentive program that effectively gets your team excited and working toward a goal that matters to you and them.  

From my personal experience working in some of the top day spas and med spas in areas I’ve lived as well as consulting for top-earning spas across the country, incentive programs can be fun for you and your team and not just boost your bottom line, but introduce another level of appreciation and connectedness within the workplace.

It’s a win, win, win all the way around.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why the start of a new quarter is the perfect time to introduce your new incentive program

  • What requirements your goal needs to have to get your team on board and be achievable

  • Some of my favorite incentive ideas to base your program around

  • My top tips for keeping your team motivated and excited by your incentives

References Mentioned in Episode #065: Creating and Running a Spa Incentive Program

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