Meet Daniela

How I went from working at a MediSpa in Maui to helping thousands of aestheticians and spa owners around the world build thriving businesses without sacrificing family time. 

In 2006 I became a licensed aesthetician and three years later I found my home in the world of medical aesthetics. In the summer of 2012 I found myself itching for change - I knew that I wanted more even though I wasn’t clear on what that was at the moment.

I ended up landing a dream position as Director of Medical Services at a 3 location day spa in the greater Boston area. They were looking to expand and open a medical division and my job was to lead that project. I loved every second of that position. I was able to practice, lead, and educate and I felt like I had finally “made it”.

I’ll never forget the day my boyfriend (now husband) came home with a sad and worried look on his face.  It was less than 3 months from our wedding and we had received unexpected orders moving us to Washington D.C. in 5 weeks! I knew military families moved a lot but this felt like a punch in the gut.

It took a few days to process but once I did, I stuck with my general approach to life which is that when you hit a bump in the road you have a choice to make.  You can let it stop you in your tracks and play the role of the victim, or you can look at it as an opportunity for growth.

I always choose growth.

This was the catalyst for me to take my first step into entrepreneurship. I started AddoAesthetics as a consulting company working primarily with physician dispensed skincare brands and medical spas. A few years in I had worked with multiple 7, 8, and 9 figure brands around the world, helping them with product launches, positioning, and developing training for aestheticians.

Something felt off to me though because there was a bigger vision I wanted to realize through my company and that was to elevate the spa industry as a whole.



Parents are just as proud when their children tell them that they are going to “Beauty School” as they are when they tell them they are going to college.

The financial conversations among aestheticians are how they are going to PAY themselves six figures not generate that much in revenue. Big difference.

Aestheticians actually know their worth and the impact they are having on their clients.

To realize that vision I knew that my focus needed to shift away from the big companies and towards the aestheticians themselves.

I started building communities online, creating courses, and offering coaching directly to the aestheticians.

I started the Spa Marketing Made Easy podcast which got into the iTunes top 100 in the marketing category in less than a year on the air.

And most importantly, I started seeing the impact that our company was having on the lives of these amazing women that I was working with.

Today I have helped thousands of aestheticians in 82 countries around the world build a successful and thriving spa business - and I’m just getting started.

If you want to join our mission to elevate the spa industry as a whole, I invite you to take the first step by joining our free online community 'Spa Marketing Made Easy' right here.