EP 012: The Must-Have Metrics for Understanding Your Spa’s Growth with Amy Coats, CFO of Scottfree Salons

marketing Jun 01, 2019

Early on in my career as an aesthetician, I learned the value of looking to my fellow aesthetic peers in the salon industry as a valuable two-way relationship.


Whether it was forming a referral partnership or developing a gift card marketing strategy, when you serve the same clientele with complementary services, the opportunity is a natural fit!


And from that early realization in the value of working with salon professionals, I’ve always found it interesting to learn about how the salon industry approaches various facets of business such as retail sales and metrics compared to that of spas.


In this episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy, I’m satisfying my curiosity (and getting a little nerdy with numbers) as I chat with salon industry veteran and Chief Financial Officer of Scottfree Salons, Amy Coats, all about the metrics that go into gauging the health of your spa or salon.


Now I know metrics doesn’t seem like the most fun business topic to explore, but as Amy explains, when you understand what you’re measuring, see the benchmark, and have a guideline for growth, watching those numbers go up can become a huge motivator in moving toward your vision for success!


Even if you’re not convinced yet, after listening to this episode, I know we’ll light a little fire under you to crunch the small numbers that can make a massive impact.


In this episode you’ll learn:


  • The most important metrics to keep track of to gauge the health of your business
  • How the standard benchmarks in the salon industry compare to that of the spa industry and strategies for how we can work together to create smart partnerships
  • Why client retention should always be a top metric to measure and ideas for how to keep current clients engaged and connected while simultaneously drawing in interest from new clients
  • How to use your metrics to manage the growth actions and tactics you’re currently focusing on


References Mentioned in Episode #012: The Must-Have Metrics for Understanding Your Spa’s Growth


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