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EP 015: 3 Takeaways from The Japanese Culture to Enhance Your Spa’s Client Experience

mindset Jun 01, 2019

When I first traveled to Japan in 2016, I immediately fell in love.


Not just with the place, but with the people.


They’re kind, inviting, present and take immense pride in their work, and as I explored some of their most prominent cities, I noticed that my experience with the people remained constant whether I was in a 7/11 convenience store or an upscale sushi restaurant.


Needless to say, it’s not uncommon to be inspired by travel, but Japan and its people genuinely offer an experience that’s uniquely it’s own, and I believe we have a lot we can take away and bring into our spa client experience.


So, in today’s episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy, which I’m recording while on my second trip to Japan, this time to Kyoto, I wanted to share while immersed in the surrounding culture, the three core principles that I’ve experienced within the culture and among the Japanese people that you can use them to transform and enhance your spa’s client experience.


In this episode you’ll learn:


  • What it looks and feels like when you make people your priority
  • How details matter when crafting a client experience that leaves a lasting impression
  • What it means to be “simplistic” in a way that adds immense value (without creating a ton of extra work for you)
  • How approaching an attitude of gratitude and service is one that can only come authentically


References Mentioned in Episode #015: 3 Takeaways from The Japanese Culture to Enhance Your Spa’s Client Experience


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