EP 026: Defining Your Spa’s Brand and Crafting Your Mood Board with Chris Beltran

marketing mindset Jun 01, 2019

Something I commonly see among aestheticians who have recently branched out to go solo or start their own spa is that they feel pulled in a million directions when it comes to their marketing.


Despite having tools, resources, and community, there’s still a piece that feels like it’s missing, and it’s this piece that would make everything click.


Well, there’s a name for that piece, and it’s called branding.


Without a strong brand as your foundation, your marketing efforts are going to feel hectic, cluttered, and ineffective.


That’s because your brand (despite what many think) is not your logo or your color palette. Your brand is the guiding force that drives everything you do in your business.


It’s the experience you provide, the deeper story and the collective experience you provide for your ideal clients.


And once you’ve drilled down on those core elements of your brand, it’s also the directional that drives the visual look and feel of how you show up in the world.


In today’s episode, I’m talking with branding expert, Chris Beltran, about how you can begin defining your personal brand so that you stand out from the crowd, compel and captivate your ideal clients, and have confidence in how you’re visually conveying your brand.


Beyond building the foundation that will help all your marketing efforts thrive, I think you’re going to have fun putting Chris’ knowledge into action with creating your brand’s mood board.


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In this episode, you’ll learn:


  • What “branding” truly is, and how you can begin crafting your brand story and visual vibe
  • How defining your brand sets you apart and benefits your business in the long-term
  • Tips for translating the verbal and psychological aspects of your brand experience into the visual design elements you use in your marketing
  • How using a tool like mood boards can help you remain consistent in your visuals and why that’s critical in building a strong brand


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