EP 028: 10 Items to Customize With Your Spa Branding

marketing Jun 01, 2019

Pens, notepads, totes bags.


Chances are you have one of these items in your home with a business’ logo on it.


For me, it’s all about pens since I’m always jotting down ideas or journaling or making notes as I interview guests here on the podcast.


Most recently after several weeks of hotel hopping with my family as we made our trek to move from Hawaii to D.C., I looked in my bag and found a plethora of pens all stamped with the logos and names of the hotels where we stayed along the way.


As I looked through them, I realized that each pen allowed me to recall memories from our stay and the experiences we had there, which got me thinking....this idea transfers so well to the world of spa!


So in this episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy, I’m giving some quick tips for how we can use customized gear with our branding to market and bring up the professionalism factor in our spas as well as ten ideas for customized products so you don’t get lost in the abyss of options.


But one thing to keep in mind, get creative!


You know your clients best, so as you tune in, let these ideas inspire you to think outside of the box and search for something that’ll get your customized product to stand out from the crowd.


In this episode you’ll learn:


  • Why you might want to consider getting customized gear for your spa and how it can help boost your business


  • 10 ideas for customizable gear that fit a variety of business needs and budgets


  • How items customized with your spa’s branding can allow you to stand out and provide an extra polish of professionalism to your services


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