EP 029: How To Use Influencer Marketing On Instagram To Get More Clients with Gwen Lane

marketing Jun 01, 2019

To have a presence on Instagram is non-negotiable for an aesthetician.


It’s a powerhouse platform for connecting directly with consumers and potential clients who will invest in beauty services, and it’s also structured in a way that allows you to build an impressive portfolio of your work while also sharing your value as an aesthetic expert.


But while there’s no question that Instagram provides a plethora of opportunities for growing your brand simply by posting and engaging through your own account, there’s even more opportunity lying within the accounts of others.


What I’m talking about is influencer marketing.


Influencer marketing has been around for a while (if you’ve ever been an avid blog reader, you’ll be familiar with the idea of sponsored posts), but just in the last couple of years as Instagram has grown and influencers have amassed highly engaged and targeted audiences on the platform, much of today’s influencer marketing landscape takes place directly on Instagram.


Whether it’s sponsored posts in the main feed that compensate an influencer with traded services or sponsored Instagram Stories for monetary compensation, there are a variety of ways you can work with influencers in your community that allow you to leverage their audience (ideally filled with people who would be interested in your business and services) so you can increase your brand’s awareness and ultimately, your business’ base of potential clients.


And the influencer marketing opportunities don’t just stop there; there’s also the option of building your own brand as an online influencer.


Here to talk about how we can begin using influencer marketing in our businesses is Gwen Lane, founder of the popular blog, The LA Girl, and The Spark Society, an influencer training program and community.


Listen in as she shares why influencer marketing can be a game-changer for your business and what it takes to become an influencer yourself.


In this episode you’ll learn:


  • What an influencer is and how they can play a role in your overall marketing strategy
  • Gwen’s journey to becoming an influencer and online educator and her top tips for estheticians looking to work with or become a influencer
  • How influencer marketing has the power to grow your brand


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