EP 036: How to Visualize Your Goals and Manifest the Life You Desire with Melanie Bundock

mindset Jun 01, 2019

It’s only been a couple of years since I began to dip my toe into the world of “woo-woo.”


See, I’m a spreadsheet type of girl, I like my neatly aligned cells with clear-cut numbers and results that can be tied to tried-and-true data.


While I still love (and always will) the “science behind success,” I’ve also learned that some of that science lies in the areas that aren’t as clearly defined as a number but are certainly shown to work.


What am I talking about? Mindset.


And in this episode, I’m joined by my friend Melanie Bundock, who knows more than a thing or two about the power of a positive mindset and how you can use techniques such as visualization to manifest the desires you have for your life.


Melanie is a mindset coach, the host of Big Vision TV, and the creator of Tapping Into Abundance, her signature program where she helps her students shift their own state into one that allows their desires and goals to manifest faster and more effortlessly in their lives, no matter what their current circumstances or beliefs.


Still with me here?


Good! Because Melanie’s personal experience is one you have to hear…


Whether you’re 100% on board with trying visualization or if you’re slightly skeptical, you will be awestruck after listening to her stories about being able to make the leap from her quitting her job to start her business (with the help of her winnings on a pretty big-time game show you’ve probably heard of) and how she took her family on the vacation of a lifetime.


In addition to sharing her personal journey with visualization, she’s also cluing us in on her techniques on getting started with manifesting your dreams right after you're through listening to this episode.


Now I only have one more question for you…


What do you have to lose by giving visualization a try? The answer is absolutely nothing.

So sit back and listen in, this episode could be the start of the shift of everything.


In this episode you’ll learn:


  • Melanie’s journey to becoming a visualization and manifestation expert including the incredible stories of how these practices have worked in her and her family’s lives

  • Recognizing your unique desires and goals, and the keys to making visualization work for you
  • How vision boarding can act as a valuable tool in manifesting your dreams
  • The consistent practices you need to embrace to attract the results required to achieve your goals


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