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EP 049: Microneedling #BeautyBomb

#beautybomb Jun 01, 2019

Welcome to our weekly #Beautybomb, a burst of info on the latest and greatest ingredients, products, and treatments in the spa industry to help you expand your knowledge and fine tune your client communications.

In this week’s #Beautybomb, I’m talking about microneedling (aka collagen induction therapy and CIT)! This treatment has gained a huge foothold in the spa industry as of late as it is a highly versatile treatment not only in regards to the skin concerns you can address with it, but also the range of clients who can be good candidates for this treatment.

For example, this is a treatment I came to love during my pregnancy and while nursing since it was effective for keeping my skin in tip-top shape while also being safe.

In this episode you’ll learn:


  • What microneedling is and how it works to spur the body’s innate injury response to boost collagen production
  • The skin conditions you can address with microneedling in addition to the other benefits of this treatment including product penetration
  • The CIT pen I use and why I love it plus my preferred pattern and technique for microneedling
  • Primary considerations to keep in mind regarding state regulations and post-treatment care  
  • My recommended resource for diving even deeper on the topic of dermal needling

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