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EP 054: Developing Your Winning Money Mindset with Tamiko Kelly

mindset Jun 01, 2019

Today’s guest is a little different than my usual interviewee in the sense that, yes, she is a successful business owner, but the topic of her business isn’t what we’re discussing.


Instead, we’re diving into the money mindset that helped her achieve her success in life and business.


Meet Tamiko Kelly; she’s the founder of Sleep Well, Wake Happy, where she helps mamas feel like themselves again and improve their baby's sleep through the night, which is actually how I began working with her when my daughter struggled with sleeping (not anymore!).


Tamiko has been instrumental in helping me create the business and baby balance that works for our life and my work, and as I got to know her, I found her attitude and reflections toward money to be profound in a way that I know many aestheticians need to hear.


Now let me address what could be the elephant in the room for you…


I know being in such a caring profession can make the idea of money feel sticky or out of alignment. After all, you’re here to serve and heal, right?


Before we go any further, you have to know this: you can help heal people and still be financially successful (whatever that means for you). Those two things are not mutually exclusive.


You can do both, and based on personal experience I can also confirm that is only the case if you have done the work to develop a money mindset that acknowledges your value and reframes your money outlook from one of scarcity to abundance.


And that’s what Tamiko is going to shed light on today you hear her money mindset journey along with her top insights for developing the mindset that will help you win big in business.


So, we may not be talking about sleep in this episode, but I think by the end of listening you’ll sleep better knowing that the success you desire to achieve lies within your control and reach.



In this episode you’ll learn:


  • Why just “charging more” isn’t the fix for earning more and how there’s more profound work to be done
  • How you can prepare yourself to be ready to receive and be resilient in breaking new blocks through your evolving money mindset journey
  • What it takes to create boundaries that allow you to unblock the things that could be holding you back from receiving new energy around earnings


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