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EP 071: The Power of Positive Thinking to Propel You Toward Your Biggest Dreams

mindset Jun 01, 2019

Silver linings, looking on the bright side, glass-half-full...however you coin the idea of optimism, what you’re actually doing is choosing to be positive. And yes, positivity is a choice.

While being positive isn’t a marketing strategy per se, when embraced and embodied, the power of positive thinking has true, scientific evidence of improving not just our day-to-day lives, but long-term happiness and sustainable business success.  

Tune into this episode to hear:

  • Why mindset is a critical piece of success and happiness in life and business
  • My personal story of how positive thinking has directed my entrepreneurial journey and my approach to taking on challenges and struggle for beneficial outcomes
  • The science behind positive thinking and the tangible numbers to prove how impactful it can be in your business
  • A simple practice you can begin doing now to immediately begin shifting your mindset into a place of positivity and possibility


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