EP 076: Overcoming the 3 Biggest Obstacles in Your Social Media Marketing with Danielle Pastula

marketing Jun 01, 2019

You’ve got 15 minutes until your next client, so you open up your camera roll and scroll, scroll, scroll...nothing.


Maybe you’ll get some inspiration on Instagram, so you fire up that rainbow square...tap, tap repeat.


If social media has ever sent you into a tailspin wondering what in the world you should post and feeling like a total time-suck, this episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy was made to help turn that story around.


Because here’s the reality:


When you know how to post with a plan and with purpose (aka a strategy), you’ll not only save more of your time and energy since you won’t be left scrambling trying to find something to post, but you’ll also see results in the form of revenue.


And let’s be real, that’s the whole goal of social media marketing; so you can connect with your dream clients, create a relationship, grow your know, like, and trust factor and turn these dream clients into real paying clients.


That’s what you’ll learn in this episode with my guest Danielle Pastula, who in addition to being a social media strategist and digital marketer for spa and wellness businesses, also happens to be a part of team AddoAesthetics!


Over the last four years, I’ve worked with Danielle to refine my social media presence and post in a way that connects me with my audience and grows my community, and I can’t wait for you to listen in as we pull back the curtain on how we create social media content in a way that’s streamlined and effective.


So fire up your notes app or pull up with some pen and paper because we’ve got takeaways you'll want to keep on hand!


In this episode you’ll learn:


  • How to stop getting sucked into the scroll and reclaim your time spent on social media marketing for your spa
  • What to start with in knowing what to say and share on social media and why being authentic is key
  • The power of vulnerability and showing up imperfectly for your audience
  • What you need to include on all of your social media posts and how to structure your social media content to lead your followers to getting in touch with you


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