EP 077: A Physician’s Take on Breaking Into the World of Medical Aesthetics with Dr. Petropoulos

leadership Jun 01, 2019

Here are a few fun facts you may not know about me:


  • I’m an international speaker, trainer, and consultant in medical aesthetics with trainings in 82 countries around the world
  • I’ve worked with major skincare brands like SkinCeuticals, iS Clinical, and SENTE
  • And while AddoAesthetics is my full-time business and has been for years, I still work in the treatment room one day a week


Some people look at me like I’m crazy when I tell them I still work in the treatment room because it may seem like I would never have the time, but here’s the thing, it’s vital to me that I stay relevant.


I want to stay fresh in regards to skincare science, retail strategies, and keep my pulse on what’s happening in the industry.


Not to mention, I love working with patients, especially those at Potomac Medical Aesthetics, where I currently get to work alongside my guest on today’s episode, Dr. Petropoulos.


In addition to being the founder of Potomac Medical Aesthetics, Dr. Petropoulos has been a physician for 20+ years and is a highly-respected board-certified physician with specialized training and certifications in aesthetic and regenerative medicine.


Working with him has been such a great experience, especially in seeing how he values the role of the medical aesthetician in his practice, so when our Spa Marketing Made Easy Podcast Community asked to get a physician’s perspective on how an aesthetician can pivot into the world of medical aesthetics, I knew just who to interview.


Whether you’re already in the realm of medical aesthetics, or you’ve been considering making a shift in your specialty, hearing Dr. Petropoulos’ insights is sure to leave you feeling encouraged in leaping toward your passions (no matter where they may lie) while also giving you practical steps to get started.  

In this episode, you’ll learn:


  • How Dr. Petropoulos journeyed from emergency medicine into the world of medical aesthetics and opening up his own practice
  • The beginnings of Dr. Petropoulos’ aesthetic eye through his photography work and how that directly translates to the work he does today
  • How he views medical aestheticians in his practice and the value they bring to the table to his clients as well as his business structure
  • What Dr. Petropoulos looks for when bringing on new aestheticians into his practice and his top tips for beginning to pivot into the medical aesthetics arena  


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