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EP 086: Creating a Month's Worth of Video Content in 15 Minutes with Katya Varbanova

marketing Jul 29, 2019

It’s no secret that video has completely taken over as the dominant form of content on social media, but just because it gets superior results in terms of reach and engagement doesn’t mean that it's any less scary to create! 

Video requires another level of vulnerability, but that’s precisely why it’s so valuable in connecting you with your ideal clients and creating greater impact. 

When your ideal clients can see you and hear you, and even interact with you in real time, it builds trust quickly and provides a tremendous opportunity for sharing your expertise in a dynamic way that both displays your personality and your brand so that you can command attention and stand out among the competition. 

In this episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy, I’m joined by Katya Varbanova, who is the founder of 20K Nation, and an expert at helping entrepreneurs become icons in their industry and stand out on social media through the power of live streaming. 

Throughout this episode, we not only discuss tangible tactical takeaways that you can run with to create high-impact video content efficiently…

Just wait ’til you hear her genius “Hamburger Method” for creating a month of content ideas within 15 minutes so you’re never left wondering, “but what do I talk about?!”

But we also discuss how to overcome your inner critic who’s keeping you fearful of facing the camera so you can breakthrough the chatter in your brain, and instead show up as the expert your clients want and need. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why we fear live video and Katya’s personal journey with facing her fear of getting in front of the camera
  • Katya’s top tips for overcoming the problem of “not knowing what to say”
  • Her “Hamburger Method” that will help you create a month’s worth of content in 15 minutes 
  • What showing up on video and live streams helps you to supercharge your marketing efforts and impact 

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