EP 096: The Start of Business Book Club and My Top Business Book Recommendations

leadership mindset Oct 07, 2019

Over the years of growing my business, I’ve heard other business owners mention taking a couple of classes down at their community college, or going so far as to get their MBA to learn the ins and outs of owning and operating a business. 


Now I’ll start off by saying that I think you need to choose the method of learning that works best for you, and for some, that means going and sitting in a physical classroom with a real teacher standing directly in front of you.


However, I’m also a firm believer that you can get a solid business education on your own. 


In my entrepreneurial journey, that has looked like taking online courses, participating in coaching programs and masterminds, a lot of trial and error, and the tool that I’m talking about in this episode…




With the rapid evolution of online learning and digital media, it’s funny how books can feel a little “old school,” but truth be told, they’ve stood the test of time, and the authors of these noteworthy and top-selling books have distilled the most critical pieces of expert insight on their subject that they can pass on to their audience in a nicely wrapped package, all for typically less than $30. 


Sure, they way we buy and consume books has changed, but every year more and more incredible books, especially in the realm of business, are published and chock full of expert-level knowledge just waiting to be acted on. 


So, now that I’ve professed my love of books for business education let’s get to the announcement you’re really here for: we’re starting a Business Book Club! 


Tune in to this episode to learn more about how our Book Club will work, how you can join in, and what our first read will be!


In this episode, I share: 

  • Why books are one of the top business tools I’ve leveraged over the years to round out my business education 
  • How to incorporate reading/learning time for your business skills even when you’re in a season of life that makes reading difficult 
  • My announcement on the new Spa Marketing Made Easy Business Book Club and how it’ll work plus the first book club selection! 
  • In addition to our first book club read, I also share my top 3 business book recommendations that I believe every solo aesthetician and spa owner should read 


Resources Mentioned in Episode #096: The Start of Business Book Club and My Top Business Book Recommendations 

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