EP 100: Become the Next Spa Retail Rockstar Scholar (Exciting Announcement!)

leadership Nov 04, 2019

I can’t even believe I’m typing this…


Guys, it is our 100th episode of the Spa Marketing Made Easy podcast! 


Can you tell I’m just a *little* excited?


First things first, I have to say thank you. 


Thank you for listening, sharing, subscribing, continually tuning in, and telling me what your biggest takeaways are and how the podcast has helped you in your journey to build the aesthetic business of your dreams. 


Your loyalty to listening, engaging, and showing up with me every week is what has brought us to this point, and my team and I couldn’t be more thankful to have you as part of the Spa Marketing Made Easy community. 


I remember when I was initially thinking about starting a podcast and beginning to get the plans together, and my coach shared a stat along the lines of less than 5 percent of podcast hosts reach 100 episodes. 


So, yes, this feels like a milestone, but I’ll tell you, it also feels like we’ve just scratched the surface. There is so much more I have to share with you all, and so many more experts I want to bring forward for you to learn from. 


Speaking of learning, let’s talk about what’s happening in this episode...


If you’ve been a long-time listener, you know I set out on this podcast journey to positively impact the lives of 500 aestheticians. 


We’ve far exceeded that goal, so for the next 100 episodes (and the next year), I’m raising the bar and sharing with you a very special announcement and opportunity geared toward any aesthetic expert who feels called to make a change in their business, but has previously had something holding them back. 


Links and Resources Mentioned in Episode #100: Become the Next Spa Retail Rockstar Scholar


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