EP 105: 4 Tips for Preparing Your Business for Maternity Leave

leadership Dec 09, 2019

As soon as I announced my pregnancy with my second little one due this spring, I’ve had many listeners ask, “how do you prepare to take a real maternity leave without seeing your business stall?”


It feels like a loaded question when you ask it, especially when the cultural norm of a good maternity in the U.S. is three months. 


Additionally, if you’re a solo aesthetician or a spa owner whose business largely depends on your presence, you might feel overwhelmed at the thought of your business growth taking a considerable dip if you dip out. 


So, as my team and I are beginning to implement our plans for Operation Baby Woerner #2, I thought I’d share with you my top four tips for taking an extended break from the business while maintaining stability and even growth! 


Also, know that these tips equally apply whether you’re also having a baby, you need to attend to family/life issues, or simply need a real vacation. 


Listen, life will happen one way or another, so even if you don’t have a break planned, you’re bound to be thrown a curveball at one point or another. 


And it’s always better to be in the place of being well-prepared and on solid ground versus scrambling while the earth is shaking beneath you. 


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • My top tool to keeping all my life to-dos and events in order so I can see what needs to be done well enough in advance so I’m not scrambling as my maternity leave approaches or when I return. 
  • How I decided how long my maternity leave would be and encouragement for creating your own rules around your leave time
  • How it “all gets done” even when I’m absent from my business and how you can anticipate coming back to buzz in business rather than a lackluster dip. 


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