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EP 109: Moving From The Treatment Room to Full-Time Brand and Product Retailer with Stephanie Laynes

inspiration leadership mindset Jan 13, 2020

Have you ever found yourself mid-treatment and thinking, “If only this product had this”


Or “If only I could do that, this product would be perfect.” 


As an aesthetic expert working full-time in the treatment room, you’re the utmost authority on what’s going to work best for your clients, which means you're primed to be a product creator if that’s something you've dreamt about, which I know many of you listeners of Spa Marketing Made Easy have because you’ve told me! 


In any case, whether you’re someone who has dreamt of creating their own line, or you’re meticulous about knowing the details of the product lines you carry and what has gone into their development (something you should be meticulous about!), you’re going to love this episode with my guest, Stephanie Laynes. 


Stephanie has been a licensed aesthetician for over 16 year and is the creator of Se-Brazil Waxes, Se Skin Botanical Skincare, and the founder of Smooth Skin Supply LLC, her e-commerce platform and wholesale wax supply company that also incorporates training and education. 


In this episode, she’s sharing her journey of how she got into the aesthetics industry, moved out of working in the treatment room full-time, and transformed into the role of CEO of her own product line and platform. 


Not only does she have fantastic tips and perspectives for how aesthetic professionals can boost their retail revenue, but she’s got a great story that’s sure to inspire your journey if you’ve ever pondered the idea of product creation or want to expand your revenue streams inside your aesthetic practice.  


In this episode, we discuss:

  • Stephanie’s origin story of getting into aesthetics and how she quickly found her niche in waxing and why that was so powerful to building a profitable practice 
  • How Stephanie discovered that systemizing her process could help her maximize her client capacity 
  • Where Stephanie saw the shift in opportunity to create her own line of waxing products and how she stayed focused during the process of creation
  • Stephanie’s top tips for waxing experts and her answer to the ultimate question of “hard or soft wax?”
  • Her keys for creating an unforgettable experience for your client and highly profitable experience for your business



References Mentioned in Episode #109: Moving From The Treatment Room to Full-Time Brand and Product Retailer with Stephanie Laynes: 


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