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EP 117: 4 Simple Steps for Organizing Your Life Like a CEO

inspiration leadership Feb 10, 2020


So often we talk about a work/life balance, but the truth is, your life and how you keep it organized plays a large role in your business’ success. 


That’s because with you as your business’ leader, if your life is in unorganized chaos, your business will tend to be as well.   


Work/life is not a balance, it’s a blend. 


As a CEO, your job isn’t to keep your life and business separate, your job is to streamline your life so that it supports your role as a CEO so you can create the business you envision, which helps you live a life of freedom (financially, with your time, decision-making, etc.)


It’s all full circle, it’s all connected.


“Sounds great! Now how do I do that?”


You know I always come to deliver my top tips and steps, and that’s exactly what you’re going to get in this episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy, where I’m sharing my four simple tips to getting your life organized like a CEO. 


These are the most critical things I do to stay on top of my schedule, not feel scattered when it comes to my responsibilities as a wife and mom, and be able to be present whether I’m with my family, my team, my clients or students. 


In this episode, you’ll learn:


  • How I structure my schedule to be set up for success and not over-booking or overextending myself or my energy
  • Pieces of my life that I outsource to save myself time and mental bandwidth, and that also help me save money, which is an added bonus 
  • How the way show up at home has a direct impact on how I show up for my business
  • The 4 tangible tips you can put in place today to get more life tasks organized or off your plate


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