EP 123: 5 Ways to Gain Publicity to Grow Your Brand and Aesthetic Business

marketing Mar 02, 2020


How would you like to be the household-name aesthetician or spa in your town? 


How would you like to do it without spending a dime on advertising? 


Now, if you’ve been a listener to Spa Marketing Made Easy for even a few episodes, you know I love Facebook and Instagram ads, but another way to boost your brand recognition and aesthetic expertise is through publicity aka PR. 


Publicity is an incredible way to boost your brand’s recognition, get in front of more people in your target audience, and position yourself as a leading expert in your area of aesthetics. 


You might be thinking, “All of that, for free? Seems too good to be true…”


I assure you, it’s not, because while PR is technically free, it will cost you time and energy. However, it’s well worth it for the return on investment. 


Where traditional paid advertising can be secured by nearly anyone with a marketing budget, publicity is only gained when the hosts and writers of various outlets such as publications, shows, podcasts, etc. deem your knowledge and story to be good enough to share. 

And here’s the thing, those content creators are always looking for another good story, angle, or interesting thing to showcase to their audience, and that story can come from you! 


So, if you thought publicity was just for celebrities in Hollywood, you’re going to want to fire up your notes app and turn up the volume, because these strategies stand the chance to put your business on the map and help you stand out from the sea of other spas in your area! 


In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • Why publicity is so important for creating brand recognition and marketing your business 
  • 5 strategies for gaining publicity in a variety of mediums and with different audiences 
  • How pitching to both local publicity channels as well as industry outlets can benefit your brand 
  • My top recommended news outlets and resources to begin searching for publicity opportunities 


References Mentioned in Episode #123: 5 Ways to Gain Publicity to Grow Your Brand and Aesthetic Business


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