EP 133: Leveraging The Power of Going Niche with Tara Walsh of The Lashpreneur

marketing mindset Apr 27, 2020

“The riches are in the niches.” 


You may have heard the saying before, but you might also be thinking, “How does specializing in one thing bring me more clients, more revenue, more success? That doesn’t add up!” 


I know it might seem counterintuitive on the surface, but when you dig deeper, you’ll find that focusing on your one big thing is also what allows you to become the ultimate expert, and no one is a better example of this than my guest on this episode, Tara Walsh. 


Tara is a lash artist turned business coach who is the founder and CEO of The Lashpreneur, where she shares her passion and genius for helping other lash artists start, build and grow their incredibly successful lash artistry businesses.


She does this through the lessons she has learned along her own business journey where she decided to focus on the single service area that she enjoyed the most and was profitable for her business. ( Spoiler alert: it was lashes! )

Even if lashes aren’t the thing you’re wild about in the aesthetic realm, this episode is still for you. 


Together, Tara and I are discussing the big-picture concept around going micro with a niche, and how you can strategically use that specialization to blow up your business plus the tips  and mindset takeaways you need to make this shift one that you can get behind to help your business grow. 


In this episode, we discuss:


  • Tara’s journey from becoming an aesthetician and lash artist to starting her coaching business as The Lashpreneur 
  • Why Tara focused her business’ niche to lash artist and how the powerful concept of niching down can benefit you as an aesthetician and spa owner
  • Benefits of only focusing your marketing on one thing to draw in your dream client 
  • Cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset and what kind of development is needed if you want to scale your business and expand your team 


Resources Mentioned in Episode #133: Leveraging The Power of Going Niche with Tara Walsh of The Lashpreneur 



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