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EP 142: Processing Emotions and Releasing Anxiety Through Imagery with Mandy Barbee

mindset Jul 06, 2020


You may be looking at the title of this episode and thinking, “Huh? How does processing emotions have anything to do with marketing?” 


Well, it may not be an obvious correlation, but our emotional well-being and mental health is absolutely critical for running a strong and successful business, so while the connection may be more indirect than, say, strategy, it’s vital none-the-less. 


As a very analytical and strategic-minded person, I’ve always had an inclination to keep business life and personal life in their own containers. Neat in their own separate spaces. 


But after navigating my own difficult season of life where emotions couldn’t be turned off with the flip of a switch or contained in it’s own space, I learned exactly what it meant to have your personal life and mental state affect your business. 


In that chapter of anxiety and sadness, I reached out to my guest on this episode, Mandy Barbee, a transformation and healing expert who’s helped hundreds of people all over the world to overcome anxiousness and thrive by combining the power of imagery with their own innate capabilities. 


Mandy founded her company, Palladium Mind, to empower others by sharing the easiest ways to transcend dis-ease to enjoy everything more, and having experienced her work for myself, I can say working with her was truly transformative. 


Her method, tools, and approach to the mental blocks that many entrepreneurs face (such as anxiousness, self worth, self doubt, imposter syndrome, just to name a few), was unlike anything I had experienced and was extremely powerful. 


Now I’m happy to finally have Mandy here on the show to explore this link between our emotional state and our journey as entrepreneurs, and I think our conversation couldn’t have come at a better time. 


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • My personal experience with Mandy’s work and how it helped me to overcome extreme stress anxiety during a difficult season of my life that was also affecting my business 
  • How working in and through imagery to process emotions can help you get over habits, blocks, and other emotional walls that are holding you back 
  • Why it’s critical we learn how to acknowledge, process, and tap into emotions and do so quickly as not to harbor anxiety or other negative emotions 
  • Tips for navigating gaining and receiving outside help in the realm of guidance, therapy, and other healing work



References Mentioned in Episode #142: Processing Emotions and Releasing Anxiety Through Imagery with Mandy Barbee


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