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EP 143: Using the Power of Video to Sell More Products and Services with Brandon Lucero

marketing Jul 13, 2020


If you’ve been on your aesthetic business journey for a while, at this point, you know about the opportunities that video marketing provides. 


And if you’re brand new to building a business, the best time to learn about harnessing the power of video is NOW. 


Video marketing isn’t anything new, however, it is currently the most effective method for connecting with your ideal clients for a few reasons: 


1 - Video currently reigns supreme on all social platforms both for organic reach as well as for driving paid traffic.  


2 - Video is highly leverage-able (yes, let’s roll with that word) in that it can be utilized in a number of different ways. My guest in this episode will dive more into the details, but in essence, we’re talking: create one great piece of video content, and get even more content out of it. 


3 - Video is the most powerful medium in that your ideal client can both see and hear you, creating an instant connection that’s as close to an in-person connection as you can get. 


Video, as you’ll learn in this episode, is the ultimate marketing medium, and here to teach you more about it is my guest, Brandon Lucero, the founder of Sold With Video and creator of the Video 4x Effect. 


As a student of Brandon’s Video 4x Effect program, I can vouch for the success of his systems and proven methodology that shifts how online content is created and distributed by changing beliefs, shifting perspective and the psychology of selling products online so you can move your audience into a buying state of mind while growing your brand. 


Seriously, he’s a video genius, and it goes far beyond the simple things like having the right fact, that really has nothing to do with it. 

It’s about messaging, about the people you’re speaking to and calling to action, and it’s about the sequencing, all of which you’ll get the high-level overview of when you tune in to this episode. 


So sit back, and start taking notes, because after you’re done listening, you’ll have what you need to start leveraging video and start selling more today. 


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why video is the critical medium for standing out online and what you need to have first before creating any video content 
  • Brandon’s three primary focus areas of content plus a bonus category that will work well for aestheticians and aesthetic experts 
  • Why 1-2 videos isn’t enough to gain traction with video marketing and how videos in various categories work together to support your potential client or customer through the journey to working with or buying from you
  • Brandon’s top tips for how to maximize your effort and maximize your time when creating video to use in your marketing 
  • Elements of your video you need to have dialed in to help your ideal client see and take action on your content 



References Mentioned in Episode #143: Using the Power of Video to Sell More Products and Services with Brandon Lucero  


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