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EP 152: Pivoting Toward Profit Through Positivity and Beauty Boxes with Kate Jaksik

leadership marketing Aug 24, 2020

 The power of positivity is something I have believed in and talked about for years, especially as it relates to business success, but pivoting has been the big “P word” and theme of business throughout this pandemic, especially for the aesthetics industry. 


Well, when you pair the two together like my guest on this episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy did, it results in revenue because -


1 - People like to buy from positive people 

2 - Positive people keep their mind open to new ideas 

3 - New ideas harnessed can bring forth new streams of revenue


My guest is none other than one of my Spa Retail Rockstars, Kate Jaksik, who is the owner of Glow Beauty Bar in Florence, Massachusetts, where she and her team provide salon, spa, and makeup artistry services. 


When news of the Covid-19 closures hit, rather than recoiling in fear, Kate sprung into action to keep her business healthy and her team employed. 


Through that action and determination to stay positive in the face of the pandemic, Kate conceptualized an idea that in the last several months has evolved and quickly become an offering both she and her audience are passionate about. 

And oh yes, it’s profitable, too. 


Tune in to hear the behind-the-scenes on the beauty box craze that Kate created and fueled with her audience through pure positivity and the power of ecommerce and social media selling. 


In this episode, we discuss:


  • The steps Kate immediately took when first notices of closures hit
  • How Kate conceptualized her Beauty Box idea after offering discounts that didn’t provide the additional profit she needed 
  • The process of creating a new product and continually refining it throughout the shutdown to help maximize sales and profitability as well as a peek into her sales approach
  • Kate’s motivation for forging ahead during trying times and how she kept on the path of positivity to not just survive, but thrive 
  • Where she is taking her Beauty Box idea next and the continued evolution she’ll pursue past the shutdown of her spa and salon


References Mentioned in Episode #152: Pivoting Toward Profit Through Positivity and Beauty Boxes with Kate Jaksik



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