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EP166: Harnessing Your Fierce Feminine Leadership with Eleanor Beaton

leadership Oct 12, 2020

You began your business journey with passion and drive, but leadership?


Maybe that’s an area you feel could use some work. 


As my guest on this episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy shares, as entrepreneurs, we’re natural leaders with vision; the key to success is developing those leadership skills along with our managerial capabilities to grow and scale. 


That’s right, you have to be the leader AND manager. 


If you’re thinking to yourself, “Ugh, I hate managing people!,” I want you to pump the brakes on that thought process and instead open your mind to a new perspective, because here’s the truth…


Managing people well doesn’t mean:


  • Micro-managing 
  • Being cold or having a show-em-who’s-in-charge-attitude
  • Or trying to be everyone’s BFF 


As you’ll learn in this episode with Eleanor Beaton, being a strong leader means managing with vision, clarity, guiding through nurturing, and establishing open lines of communication with equally clear boundaries. 


And a little proof that Eleanor knows what she’s talking about like the back of her hand ⤵️


Eleanor is an internationally-recognized expert in women’s leadership, advisor to growth-oriented women entrepreneurs, award-winning author, esteemed journalist and speaker, as well as loving wife and mother. 


Whether you’re leading a team of 1, 10 or 100, this conversation is one that I know will leave you with takeaways you can carry with you through every stage of growth in your business. 


In this episode, we discuss:


  • How leadership ties into building an incredible team and business and Eleanor’s insights on the leader vs. manager roles 
  • Why communicating needs, company culture, and expectations is critical for effective leadership
  • Steps to take so you can move to a place of efficient and effective management of your people so that they perform in the way that produces results 
  • How to find boundaries as a leader and business owner and steps for setting your communications ground rules


References Mentioned in Episode #166: Harnessing Your Fierce Feminine Leadership with Eleanor Beaton 



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