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EP 168: Getting Your Mind Right for Growth with Kendra J. Lewis

inspiration leadership mindset Oct 19, 2020

You say you want to grow to six and seven figures, but does your mindset match your money talk? 


Getting your mind right for growth is not one of, but THE most critical facets of scaling your business to be aligned with your vision and become your tangible reality. 

And here to discuss this mindset work with me is Kendra J. Lewis, a business funding and strategy expert who is living proof that major growth can happen in a matter of months when you’ve got the right mindset. 


Before branching out on her own, Kendra worked as a commercial banking specialist for almost a decade and closed over $1 billion in business loans and she has led several multi-million dollar business transformations for some of the largest brands in the world. 


And in the midst of making the leap from side-hustling as a consultant and strategist to being full-time in her business, she jumped from six-figures to seven in a matter of four months. 


Needless to say, that kind of growth doesn’t happen when your mind is cluttered with noise from naysayers, scarcity thinking, or your own imposter syndrome, which is why she’s joining me today to talk all about what mindset steps you need to make your first step on the path to success.   


In addition to those wins I mentioned above, Kendra has also coached over 100 small businesses through successful launches and helped them to acquire millions in funding collectively, and she and her groundbreaking methods have been featured in outlets like ABC, Fox, NBC, Yahoo Finance, Black Enterprise, and The New York Weekly. 


Trust me, she’s a woman whose words you’ll want to make note of and keep them visible as your daily mantras. 


In this episode, we discuss:


  • Kendra’s background in corporate banking to moving into entrepreneurship and building massive success and helping her clients do the same
  • Why Kendra believes that mindset is paramount to your success and steps for moving past scarce ways of thinking
  • The importance of refining your inner circle and adopting practices to quiet the noise  
  • Why beginning imperfectly is the perfect way to start and the only way to guarantee your success


References Mentioned in Episode #168: Getting Your Mind Right for Growth with Kendra Lewis



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