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EP 171: Moving Along the Aesthetician Success Path

leadership Nov 02, 2020

Are you a solo aesthetician with your sights set on making your first hire?

A spa owner with a robust team looking to expand to multiple locations?


Do you have dreams of reaching the “Icon Stage” with your signature skincare line being on the shelves of a nationwide retailer or your spa’s brand being acquired by a larger holding company?


As you might have noticed, these are very different stages in business, but they all fall inside a framework I’ve dubbed the Aesthetician Success Path. 

Over the last 7 years of working with everyone from independent and solo aestheticians to international skincare brands, I’ve gotten a glimpse at every facet of the industry and the journey that acts as throughline as aesthetic experts work to grow and scale. 


In this episode, I’m outlining that pathway along with the key indicators to help you determine where you are along the Aesthetician Success Path and where you’re headed next. 


In this episode, you’ll learn:


  • Why it’s critical to clarify your own definition of success to be able to set your vision for the future in motion
  • The 3 primary sections of the Aesthetician Success Path and the markers and key performance indicators within each stage to help you determine where you’re at along the path
  • How seeing the entire path allows you to determine your bigger-vision goals and have a gameplan to move toward where you ultimately want to go 


References Mentioned in Episode #171: Moving Along the Aesthetician Success Path



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