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EP 178: Reflecting on a Year of Growth and Scaling with Sara and Melissa of Sykes & Lanno

leadership Dec 21, 2020

While many are happy to see 2020 come to a close, this ending is bittersweet as my time chronicling a year of growth on the show with my Growth Factor students, Sara and Melissa, the founders of Sykes & Lanno, is wrapping up in this episode. 


( If you haven’t listened to their episodes, I think you’ll enjoy going through the series starting at the beginning to hear it all unfold - head to the links to all our past episodes down in the Resources section.)


At the start of the year we mapped out their goals and milestones for 2020, and by Quarter 2 we were discussing their rapid pivots amidst the global pandemic, and in this episode, we’re taking stock of the incredible expansion they’ve been able to achieve this year despite all the struggle in our industry and the world has faced. 


In a rapid recap it looked like this - map out events and promotions for the year, get an ecommerce store launched literally overnight, host virtual trainings, go live on a daily/weekly basis and launch a premium bespoke Beauty Collection that amplified their esthetic expertise as retailers to their own consumers as well as other industry professionals. 


It’s been a whirlwind year, but their story is one of strength, persistence, and tenacity, and in this final episode, we’re wrapping it all up in a bow and popping the confetti for a year that’ll go down in their business books as a glowing success. 


References Mentioned in Episode #178: Reflecting on a Year of Growth and Scaling with Sara and Melissa of Sykes & Lanno



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