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EP 189: #Spasocialbeat - Facebook Groups: Hosting Your Own vs. Engaging With Others

#spasocialbeat Jan 22, 2021

Welcome to our weekly Spa Social Beats. From our best tips and tricks to simplify your social media strategy to our top recommended tools, our Spa Social Beats are bite-sized episodes that pack a punch of practical advice so you can stop stressing over social media for your spa. 


In this week’s Spa Social Beat, we’re discussing:


  • How Facebook groups can be a powerful place to build relationships and connections with potentials clients in addition to other local business owners 
  • The benefits of having your own group vs. the benefits of leveraging other groups and communities plus our top tips for seeking out groups that will help you achieve your marketing goals 
  • What administrative tasks go into managing your own Facebook group and the pros and cons of growing your own group 


Tune in every Friday for a new Spa Social Beat episode with Daniela and Danielle, and be sure to connect with us inside the Spa Marketing Made Easy community to share your biggest takeaways and how you’re putting these tips into play! 

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