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EP 190: Becoming a Values-Based Leader with Leslie D. Lyons

leadership Jan 25, 2021

Being a leader bears a lot of responsibility. 


Your team is counting on you to lead them to the bigger dream and vision. 


And even if you’re a solo aesthetician, you have to know how to be your own leader in order to grow, attract the kinds of clientele you seek, and scale should you have the desire to do so. 


But here’s the thing -- if you’re not clear on your values, vision, and how to use your voice to lead, that vision is going to stay in the distance. 


Enter -- Leslie D. Lyons. 


Leslie is the Founder of Bombshell Movement Studio in Chicago, host of the Beyond the Pole: Tales from the CEO podcast, and a sales and leadership coach for female entrepreneurs. 


With a background in corporate sales, youth ministry (yes, she’s a Christian and the owner of a pole studio!), and as a leader for studio owners throughout the U.S., Leslie has spent her life pouring into women emotionally and spiritually.


And now, more than ever, her dedication to helping entrepreneurial women lead with their heart and head is the exact type of leadership we need to see in the world. 


Tune in as we talk about defining your values, finding your voice, and being an authentic leader -- Leslie’s energy is infectious and I know you’re going to leave this episode feeling empowered and encouraged because I certainly did! 


In this episode, we discuss: 


  • Leslie’s journey to becoming a leadership coach and the common threads she’s found in her work with a wide variety of women in leadership roles 
  • How women often let imposter syndrome stand in their way of what they really want and the difference between aspirational vs. innate values and the role they play in your leadership style 
  • How Leslie uses the Enneagram personality assessment in her work to help her clients understand their natural tendencies in leadership 
  • What it means to be a values-based leader and how your values and voice work together to rally your team and make you a magnet for your ideal clients and customers 


References Mentioned in Episode #190: Becoming a Values-Based Leader with Leslie D. Lyons



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