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EP 196: Getting Booked Out a Year in Advance with Katt Philipps of The Beauty Educator

marketing Feb 08, 2021

The idea of being “booked out” is often the epitome of success, especially for a solo aesthetician, but what does being “booked out” really mean? 


For the next month? 


What if you could actually be booked out a year in advance? 


If the hairs on your neck just stood up, just wait ‘til you tune into this conversation with my guest on this episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy, Katt Philipps. 


Katt is a spa and beauty industry veteran with over 30 years experience, and is a spa owner, true solo aesthetician, e-commerce store owner, author, and most recently added to her resumé, spa industry educator. 


Katt's newest project, The Beauty Educator, serves as a platform to help beauty professionals maximize their profit potential by strengthening relationships with existing clients and showing others the ropes on how to build a business where you can be booked out a year in advance. 


And as a spa owner and solo aesthetician with a proven track record for building and growing a multi-six-figure spa and being known by her clients as the most in-demand therapist in her area,  Katt is here to spill her secrets on how she made it happen and how she continues to make it all work to support her clients with the best experience as well as her life with a true sense of balance. 


In this episode, you’ll learn: 


  • How Katt build up her books when first starting her business and how she quickly became so in demand that she couldn’t take on any new clients 
  • Why she chose to go the route of staying solo and how she began structuring her system to keep her full book of clients happy and returning again and again 
  • How her framework was born out of a need and the mindset shifts that surround her working structure as a booked out therapist who still continues to grow and scale as a solo year after year 
  • Katt’s insights on structuring her schedule, work/life balance, and the “Email That Changed Everything”


References Mentioned in Episode #196: Getting Booked Out a Year in Advance with Katt Philipps of The Beauty Educator



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