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EP 199: Creating a Month’s Worth of Social Media Content in Minutes

marketing Feb 15, 2021

Does the task of filling up your spa’s social media calendar feel like pulling teeth? 


Do you even have a social media calendar, or are you flying by the seat of your pants making random posts whenever you get a gap between appointments? 


Either way, this episode is here to solve all your woes around the question, “what should I post on social?!” 


Together we’re going to take a high-level view of crafting an editorial calendar so that you can not only anticipate and plan for what you’re going to post, but also do so strategically so that your social media efforts actually result in interest from new potential clients and customers and continued connection with your existing audience.


After all, that’s kind of the point of social media. 


So take out a pen and paper or pull up your planner and tune in as I take you on a step-by-step walkthrough of how to craft a month’s worth of content in a matter of minutes. 


Let’s go!  


In this episode, you’ll learn:


  • How to craft a weekly editorial schedule that keeps you consistent in posting and streamlines your social media process
  • Tangible ideas for beginning to create content today to start filling your scheduler 
  • How to pitch and promote in your posts with ease and authenticity 
  • Key steps for getting started with posting consistently including post ideas, copy and graphics tips and my top social media scheduler recommendation 


References Mentioned in Episode #199: Creating a Month’s Worth of Social Media Content in Minutes 


  • Tools mentioned include - Wellness Stockshop, Canva, and Sked 
  • Learn more about Post With Purpose, our monthly spa social media marketing membership with social media trainings, tech tutorials, templates, coaching calls, and more. 



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