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EP 230: #SpaSocialBeat - Let’s Talk Frequency - How Often Should We Be Posting?

#spasocialbeat May 14, 2021

Welcome to our weekly #SpaSocialBeat! From our best tips and tricks to simplify your social media strategy to our top recommended tools, these are bite-sized episodes that pack a punch of practical advice so you can stop stressing over social media for your spa. 


In this week’s #SpaSocialBeat, we’re discussing:


  • Why is there no set answer to “how many times should I post to…[insert your platform of choice here]?
  • How to find and focus your social posting frequency based on your goals and where you’re currently at in business 
  • The other crucial factor in your planning process that coincides with frequency to ensure that if you’re going to spend the time and energy, it’s worth your while! 


Tune in every Friday for a new #SpaSocialBeat episode with Daniela and Danielle, and be sure to connect with us inside the Spa Marketing Made Easy community to share your biggest takeaways and how you’re putting these tips into play! 


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You're listening to the Spa Marketing Made Easy Podcast and this is a special Spa Social Beats episode, where we give you quick tangible information to help you uplevel your social media game, so you can get more clients in the door. 



I'm your host, Daniela Woerner, and I'm joined by my business partner in Post With Purpose Danielle Pastula. 



Get ready to take some notes and more importantly, take action. 



All right, my dears, welcome back to the Spa Marketing Made Easy Podcast. This is a Spa Social Beats episode and today we are talking about frequency. How often should you be posting if you're using Instagram, which in Post With Purpose, that is the platform that we recommend starting with and making sure that you're fully maximizing. So we talked about the Instagram feed, Instagram stories, IGTV, Reels, Live stream and all the things. How do you break that up? How do you know how much you should be posting and on which platform? 



So Danielle, do you want to start to break that down?



Yeah, so as of like us recording this episode, it's April 2021. So this is kind of what's happening currently and can't say that it will stay the same, and it probably won't. But the general principle still applies. So when it comes to kind of how to break apart and diversify your content. So currently, Reels is like the newest thing on Instagram, I mean, it's been out for a little while now like six to nine months somewhere in that window. 



However, it's still the kind of the hottest way to gain attractions. And it's because your Reels are being shown to people who are not your followers. So in terms of all content we could be posting to grow your account Reels is the format that is going to be most beneficial for getting new followers onto your page and actually clicking follow to continue watching your stuff. 



Posts are still very important they serve the kind of portfolio of your work the bingeable type of content that someone can go through to get a feel for what your brand is about. The reach on that is not as good, however, is for just mentioned, really important. But also it's one of the most searchable elements on Instagram. So where Reels and the Stories are a little hard to search, you can just have to go and explore and it shows up on your feed based on the algorithm based what users like to engage with. 



Feed posts are still the most highly searchable if you're using hashtags correctly. So especially as a skincare expert, spa owner, aesthetician, a lot of people are looking for your stuff based off of search intent keywords like hashtag Miami spa, hashtag Miami esthetician. So that's where feed posts are really important. It's for that kind of local base search.



Then you've got Stories.



And Stories are really the best way currently to be engaging with your current followership. So though that's where you're going to be really engaging with people who are following you, it feels a little bit more intimate. That content is also not around 24/7, so you kind of have to be creating it a little bit more often versus that mainstay feed content. So that's where when people ask, like, how often should I be posting? Know how is different types of content within the Instagram ecosystem, it depends on what your goal is.



Okay, that was a lot of information.



I tried to condense that down as much as I could, it's obvious I can get really nerdy at this stuff.



So let's say you know, as a spa owner, especially as a solo aesthetician, you're wearing all the hats, right? And you say, Okay, my goal right now is to do like you said, Reels is the way to get the most amount of people in. So are we talking, you know, a Reel every day, are we talking? You know, three times a week, like what is the acceptable number and how do we plan? Like if we're posting every single day, and we say okay, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, I'm going to do reals. Tuesday, Thursday, I'm gonna do stories. And then Saturday, Sunday, I'm gonna do post, like, how do you? How do you break that up into something like if someone's like, what do I do next?



Yeah, so I would look at what your goal is. And like in the example of a new, maybe a new Spa owner, new Solo Aesthetician who's like, I need to build a books and I need to get people like my page has kind of gotten started from scratch here. Everyone says start from zero, I would go heavy on Reels to start with. And Instagram doesn't look at consistency. So I would kind of measure your goal, but also with your bandwidth. So if you're kinda need to, you know, I need to grow, I'm going to commit to doing Monday through Friday Reels. That's great. But Instagram is also looking at your consistency factor as well to see, you know, where you get to keep up with that Monday through Friday Reels, and Reels can be a little bit more time intensive, their video content, the editing is a little bit more time intensive. 



So if you can stick with do Monday through Friday Reels and you're like, I want to really hit the pedal to the metal with growing my account that you need to know that you need to commit to that for like, at least a month before you start scaling back. If that bandwidth sounds in, you're like, there's no way I could do that, a few Reels a week will do amazing things for account, it will get you growth. And then yes, you can divide the rest of your time between whatever other form of content is going to be most beneficial to you, I would say if you're newer to growing your account, I would focus on the feed posts, just building up your feed a little bit. And then maybe month in once you've stuck with that consistency, like maybe you can kind of pull away from doing one of those feed posts or one of those Reels and switch into doing utilizing that time and that bandwidth to do more story because now you've got your followership grown a little bit and now you want to start engaging with them more. Or you could kind of do an even third split, right, like, I've got my week, I'm going to spend a third of my time doing Reels, a third of it doing Stories and a third of it doing feed posts that also work.



Yeah, and, and the thing with Reels, like when they first came out, it was you know, they're wanting it to be almost like the, you know, the competitor to tick tock these really edited videos that and a lot of them are super funny, and like they're really entertaining, you know, but if you look at the ones that are doing really well, like it doesn't, you don't have to jam pack all of this information, like you can easily do just a 15 second clip of you performing like maybe your Dermaplaning and you just do a 15 second clip and you give like, three benefits of Dermaplaning in text or something.



Don't overthink it, just say, you know, like, look at what's working and say, Okay, if I can do this consistently, and maybe one of my videos is more edited, and you know, like that, and then I just do the other ones to have the consistency. That's okay, too. Right?



It's done is better than perfect. Putting that first step forward, and then getting better and better as you go. Okay, awesome. So, but the I think the theme of this story when we're talking frequency, whatever your I know, that we mentioned, like what is your ultimate goal? What are you trying to accomplish? But I think the, you know, moral of the story is no matter what you want to be posting to the different platforms at least five days a week.



Yeah, five days a week is really what you need to be doing to stay on the radar and to be showing up in feeds. Regardless of where you're posting the content. Five days a week is kind of that, that minimum bar is what's gonna keep you kind of staying relevant at the top of Instagram.



Perfect. Well,



Let's keep this conversation going over in the Spa Marketing Made Easy Facebook group. Let us know what's working for you how often you're posting. Are you seeing great results from Reels from stories from the feed? Let us know and we will catch you on the next episode. 



Thank you so much for listening. If you're loving this Spa Social Beats episodes, there is a whole lot more where that came from inside of our social media membership site just for spas, Post With Purpose. We teach you how to turn likes into clients by creating targeted messaging combined with beautiful imagery just for your ideal clients. 



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